It’s the best time of year to be a wrestling fan! It’s the start of the road to Wrestlemania and arguably one of the most hyped PPVs of the year. This year’s Royal Rumble will see 2 Royal Rumble matches, 4 title matches and 2 singles matches take place. I’ve brought in MostlyCraig and MostlyConor again to share their thoughts aswell and we want to hear your predictions too.

United States Championship
Andrade Vs Humberto Carrillo

This match will be appearing in the preshow after Carrillo made a surprise return attacking Andrade and saving Rey Mysterio after their ladder match. Since it is on the preshow chances are there won’t be a title change as we see the feud continuing for a bit longer.

Andrade 1/2 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Carrillo 6/4 – Nobody

Sheamus Vs Shorty G

Sheamus made his return to the Smackdown brand and immediately targeted Chad Gable now known as Shorty G. The reason he did this is because he’s short. This engaging feud should see Sheamus squash Shorty G in under 2 minutes

Sheamus 1/8 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Shorty G 9/2 – Nobody

Falls Count Anywhere
Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin

This is first match that we differ on. As both men are currently announced for the Royal Rumble match this match may not be as crazy as some are expecting it to be. Expect to see run-ins from the Usos and RooDolph during the match. Roman could win the match to gain momentum heading into the rumble or Corbin could win making Roman the underdog instead of the big dog. An interesting addition to this match could be that the loser enters the rumble before the winner but this may just be wishful thinking.

Roman Reigns 8/11 – Craig, Conor
King Corbin 1/1 – Gary

Smackdown Women’s Championship
Bayley Vs Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans face turn has worked a lot better than initially expected, gaining genuine cheers and support from the crowd. That being said she’s mainly been feuding with Sasha Banks making the Bayley title match a bit of a surprise. That being said we can’t see Lacey picking up the title just yet as while she’s improved massively she’s still got a bit to go.

Bayley 1/2 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Lacey Evans 6/4 – Nobody

Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch Vs Asuka

Becky has been building this match up as toppling a mountain as she’s been yet unable to beat Asuka. We find it a bit more interesting that not only is this a rematch from last year’s Royal Rumble for a different title. Also it is a match between the first two women to win the Royal Rumble matches in 2018 and 2019. Since Asuka is the tag team champion we don’t see her becoming Asuka two belts.

Becky Lynch 1/5 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Asuka 10/3 – Nobody

Universal Championship Strap Match
The Fiend Bray Wyatt Vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has been one of the first opponents for The Fiend that feels like he has enough momentum that he could potentially beat him. Bryan has insisted on a strap match so that Wyatt cannot escape but we feel this could turn into a horror match with Bryan breaking down and trying to escape The Fiend but being unable to. This could further push him as an unstoppable force of nature and we see his title reign continuing to Wrestlemania and possibly beyond.

The Fiend 1/6 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Daniel Bryan 7/2 – Nobody

Women’s Royal Rumble

The 3rd annual Women’s Royal Rumble match has been hardly advertised. As of writing there has only been 5 competitors announced with one of them being announced on Instagram with little fanfare. This leaves the playing field wide open as to who could win. It could be Charlotte winning the rumble and therefore becoming the only child of a Royal Rumble winner to also win a Rumble, it could be a surprise winner from NXT or it could even be a surprise return from Ronda Rousey or Nia Jax. That being said we are still all in on Shayna Baszler leaving the rumble victorious as she has been phenomenal in NXT and a believable opponent for Lynch at Wrestlemania.

To Win
Shayna Baszler 1/3 – Gary, Craig, Conor

Final 4
Shayna 1/6 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Charlotte 1/3 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Sasha Banks 1/2 – Gary, Conor
Ronda Rousey 6/4 – Craig
Nia Jax 4/1 – Gary, Craig
Alexa Bliss 5/1 – Conor

Men’s Royal Rumble match

In another example of Brock Lesnar doing whatever he wants he’s entering the Royal Rumble match at number 1….. As the Champion….. But not defending the belt. This has made it tough to call who will win the rumble as a bunch of competitors have been built very strongly leading up to it. Aleister Black’s been unbeatable, Drew McIntyre’s turned face and gotten over with the fans beating the likes AJ Styles and Randy Orton. Seth Rollins has gained a following in the form of Buddy Murphy and the AOP. Roman Reigns has been feuding with Corbin and Lesnar is just Lesnar. As of writing there have been 25 competitors announced for the match leaving space for NXT guys like Matt Riddle or Keith Lee or even surprise returns like (we don’t think these will happen)  Edge or CM Punk. That being said we have a split decision.

To Win
Roman Reigns 8/13 – Gary, Conor
Brock Lesnar 15/2 – Craig

Final 4
Roman Reigns 1/4 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Brock Lesnar 9/4 – Craig
Drew McIntyre 11/8 – Gary
Kevin Owens 2/1 – Conor
King Corbin 11/4 – Gary, Craig, Conor
Keith Lee 11/4 – Gary
Seth Rollins 9/2 – Conor
Rey Mysterio 16/1 – Craig

And those are our Predictions for who will win on Sunday. Do you agree with our picks? What are your picks? Will CM Punk or Edge appear? Let us know in the comments