The Royal Rumble is upon us!

Wrestlemania season is about to kick in and before Vince McMahon sold out to the Saudi regime, it was the one time of year WWE pulled out all the stops with star power.

As we get set for the Rumble, fans everywhere are speculating on who could be a surprise entrant to bring that star power into Mania season.

Some are inspiring, some are ok and some are just not worth doing!

Ronaldo Rousey could be a surprise entrant in the womens Rumble. We’ve not seen Ronda since she didn’t have her shoulders pinned to the mat at Mania last year but got counted 1..2…3 anyway. Would she be a big pop on the night?

Cain Velasquez would be one for the men’s rumble but the shine is off him after the disappointing Saudi appearance.

CM Punk would be an outrageous longshoremen for entering the Rumble.

The last time we saw Punk in a WWE ring, he was being eliminated in the Rumble by corporate Kane!

John Cena is one that intrigues us, if the doctor of thugonomics entered the Rumble, elongated Brock and set up a showdown between the pair at Mania then that could be the surprise of the night. Cena wouldn’t even need to win the Rumble. You have to think either Lesnar is winning the rumble or whoever puts him out will be his dance partner come Mania.

Also Edge being in Houston raises another possibility.