Justin Leeper – WWE game writer has just announced on twitter that plans for WWE 2K21 have been scrapped and instead is opting for a “different kind” of game which will most likely be a mobile app.

This is not a surprise after WWE 2K20 was awarded a number of “Worst Game of the Year” awards and was even voted as one of the worst games of the decade. An accolade WWE would not be proud of.

Speaking in a YouTube video, Leeper said:

“I’m not a fan of bringing “bad news,” but it’s post-WrestleMania & I think fans deserve to know: I’ve heard on good authority that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled. However, another WWE branded game will enter the ring this year.

“Traditionally, WrestleMania brought with it a trailer or an announcement or some news about the upcoming WWE game – that did not happen this year. Why is that? Because I have heard from reliable sources, and I truly believe there will be no WWE2K21 game this year.”

Following the backlash of 2K20 it is not surprising that this decision has been made. We will continue to update you on any further news on the replacement release.