we reported that Rey Mysterio’s contract had expired and he is still in negotiations with WWE to renew it.

It has also been reported rumours this week that Hollywood movie star and Multiple time WWE Champion John Cena was also no longer under contract with Vince McMahons Promotion.

Many fans and Twitter users claimed that Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter that John Cena had let his contract expire. This resulted in fans speculating about Cena joining AEW or NJPW. Check out some of the tweets below:


We do not like to upset people, but if you thought that you were going to see John Cena face your favourite NJPW or AEW wrestlers then you will be extremely disappointed. It looks almost certain that the rumours are false. Dave Meltzer did not mention anything in relation to John Cena’s contract expiring in his newsletter.

Cena has also said multiple times during interviews that he does not see himself working for any promotion other than WWE. After this year’s WrestleMania where he took part in a cinematic Firefly Fun House match with Bray Wyatt he sent out this cryptic message hinting at retirement: