Back in April when WWE released almost thirty members of in ring talent and background staff, one of the more surprising firings was former United States Champion Rusev.

Rusev was coming to the end of his contract and had not yet signed a new deal with the company so maybe the fact they released him was more or a mutual decision.

The Bulgarian is an amazing athlete in the ring, an amazing character on the mic for promos and has played a fantastic babyface and heel within WWE. Rusev has the potential to be a future World Champion and main event star in whatever promotion is lucky enough to have him.

In Lana’s latest YouTube video, the couple wanted to introduce fans to their new dog called pickles. They also revealed Rusev’s new ring name in the home video. Check it out below.

In the couple’s videos they have been referring to themselves as Lana and Miro, and they confirmed in the YouTube video that Rusev, who’s real name is Miroslav Barnyashev, will be using the name Miro following his release from WWE

Rusev’s 90-day non-compete clause expires next month and will be able to move to any promotion from there. So the next time we see him not only will it be in a new promotion but with the new name Miro.