Management within AEW are reportedly “very upset” with Sammy Guevara after a brutal botch during last night’s episode of Dynamite that led to a legitimate injury.

Hardy was cutting a promo discussing the reasons he came to All Elite Wrestling, he felt that it was a place in which he could be a well respected attraction.

Sammy interrupted his speech and a brawl spilled out into the ringside area where hardy was hit by a flying chair. The chair hit his head, splitting it wide opening and requiring 13 stitches.

Brian Alvarez Discussed the incident on Wrestling Observer Radio. He stated that Guevara was in trouble with AEW and got a stern talking to following the segment.

Here is what he had to say:

“Well Matthew Hardy got about 10 stitches afterwards and Sammy got a very stern talking to by a number of people afterwards who were very upset with this. Obviously he was not supposed to throw the chair full-force into Matt Hardy’s head, I don’t know what happened, probably got excited, but that was brutal.”

Sammy has just recently returned to Dynamite over the past couple of weeks. He was suspended by AEW for inappropriate comments he made towards Sasha Banks a few years ago.

Hardy has seemingly made a quick recovery. He was bleeding profusely and as said he needed a lot of stitches, however it is said that he is doing ok.

If you don’t get squeamish with blood scenes, check out the video below: