If you watched the Wrestlemania first night Main event on Saturday you can’t help but have an opinion on it.

It was certainly eventful and for some of those who usually want to criticise, a guilty pleasure.

WhatCulture have taken a peak behind the curtain of this unique match which will surely go down in legendary status is something unto itself.

Who was on set?

The Undertaker, Styles, Triple H, Michael Hayes and a truckload of WWE staff.

How did it come about?

Michael Hayes and Triple H drove way out from the performance centre to try and get a good location for an Undertaker graveyard promo. When they got there, they were impressed by the setup and quickly hatched a plan which led to the match being filmed on location elsewhere in Florida. The set took five days to set up.

How long did they shoot?

They were on set for eight hours making the match. What culture report it took a week for the whole set to be cleared after the taping.


WWE hired local actors and paid them well in OC to come onto the set and provide their assistance. This was a deliberate move by WWE to help out some in the local community who are struggling for jobs.

Promo work

Triple H was in charge of this and didn’t micromanage the situation. Both wrestlers were allowed to cut their own stuff as they brawled through the boneyard.


Taker wasn’t supposed to bleed but during filming he accidentally smashed a car window and cut himself. The crew and Triple H thought they could use this to their advantage and flipped the car around so they could shoot the arm going through the window more effectively. It worked!

AJs Hand

Hayes and Triple H seen a fake hand on set and wanted to use it at some point. It was Undertakers idea to have AJs hand sticking out of the grave, a nod back to 90s undertaker in a buried alive match.

What did you think of the first night?