Former WWE Wrestler Shad Gaspard has gone missing during a rescue effort. Gaspard was out with his son at a beach in South Carolina when he, his son and several others were caught in a strong rip current.

TMZ have provided additional information.

One official working with the L.A. Fire Dept. told media they believe the 39-year-old ‘did submerge.’ Divers were sent to scour the area. Helicopters were searching from above. One witness at the scene tells us … when lifeguards raced into the ocean, Gaspard directed rescuers to help his son first, which they did. During the rescue, we’re told another big wave crashed down on Gaspard — and that’s the last time he was seen.

It has been noted that Gaspard’s son and others have been rescued but Gaspard has yet to be found. Teams are patroling nearby land in hopes of finding Gaspard as well as continuing the water search today.

We hope that all involved are found safe and are able to recover from this.