It’s a great time to be a professional wrestler or should I say it’s a great time to be someone who WWE thinks can be a draw.

Since AEW took to the airwaves we have seen the kitchen sink being thrown at our TV screens when it comes to the WWE product; some good and well, some not so good.

We have Cain Valazcues and Tyson Furybon our screens – both getting a large payday for a Saudi appearance.

However, HHH has claimed in a conference call that Ronda Rousey would be returning sooner rather later after the UFC fighter turned wrestler was expected to be away for over a year or at least until Mania season.

Triple H spoke about the superstar, 32, as he announced the Crown Jewel PPV and confirmed: “She’s coming back.”

He later added that he expects Rowdy to be in a ring “sooner rather than later” but did not reveal a timetable.

Rousey dropped the belt at this years Wrestlemania in New York and hasn’t been in WWE Tv since. If she does come back soon it might pop a rating to begin with but from what we saw from her last run is she didn’t move the needle as much as WWE would’ve liked.

AEW appears to be doing their own thing at a steady pace and not falling into the trap of giving us too much too soon.