This week has been a very controversial one for WWE, and it is being reported that the atmosphere backstage has not been much better.

On Twitter today Wretlevotes account posted a screenshot of text message conversation with someone from inside the Performance centre today. Needless to say, it was not a positive response with the sender calling the situation a “full blown cluster f**k”. Wrestlevotes are known for being highly reputable so we believe this to be a genuine text between them and someone inside WWE.

As of now we are not sure who within WWE has been conversing with Wrestlevotes

Yesterday WWE had to cancel all recordings due to an athlete testing positive for COVID-19. Recordings were set to take place today once all staff had been officially tested for Coronavirus, however the company had to cancel the SmackDown tapings due to several roster members waiting on results from testing.

Gary Cassidy took to Twitter today to keep us updated on the situation.

WWE were being very ambitious in attempting to complete episodes for the following shows:

-Next Monday’s Raw

-Next Monday’s Raw talk

-Next weekend’s WWE Main Event.

-Next Friday’s Smackdown

-This and next Friday’s episodes of 205 Live

-Tonight’s WWE NXT,

-Next week’s WWE NXT.

Unsurprisingly they have not been able to record all these shows and will need to resume another day.

The company have come under constant scrutiny regarding the situation including details emerging about how WWE had forbidden the use of masks from their crowd and had started integrating non-WWE personnel into their crowds.

WWE have not been using official tests for Coronavirus until this recent positive diagnosis. Unlike AEW, UFC and other promotions, WWE have simply been checking temperatures of staff at each of the shows.