As previosly reported, WWE have released a number of producers, announcers and in ring talent.

the news came today after it was announced that members of the WWE team would be put in furlough and others would be unfortunately let go from the company.

One of those released was former General Manager of 205Live Drake Maverick who took to Twitter in a very emotional video.

The video breaks down the news of his release as well as a few details about his future. Maverick has been under contract with WWE since 2017. He made his debut on January 30, 2018, as the general manager of 205Live. Since then he has served as a manager for AoP and has worked programs with the likes of R-Truth over the 24/7 Championship.

His release from WWE will not be immediate as he is due to compete in the NXT Cruiserweight championship tournament, however that appears to be it for him.

Our thoughts and wishes are with those who lost their jobs and wish them the very best in the future.