Last night NXT Takeover Wargames raised the bar yet again, can tonight’s Survivor Series match it or even exceed it? In the spirit of Survivor Series we will be doing the predictions slightly differently as I bring in Mostly Craig and Mostly Conor to give their predictions too.

NXT Title Match – Adam Cole Vs Pete Dunne.

The first of 3 title matches on tonight’s card sees Adam Cole who lost a Wargames match last night after taking an air raid siren off the top of the cage through a table Vs Pete Dunne who managed to pick up a win last night beating Damien Priest and Killian Dain. Despite Cole having took arguably the bump of the year last night all 3 of us agree that Cole will still somehow pick up the win.

Cole 1/6 – Conor, Craig, Gary

Dunne 7/2 – Nobody

Triple Threat AJ Styles Vs Roderick Strong Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This match has the potential to steal the show but with Strong having gone through Wargames last night and Styles and Nakamuras feud last year failing to live up to the hype we can only hope they’ll be let loose on each other here. This is where we begin to differ with our picks. AJ Styles could win as he has been shown as the bigger deal in WWE of the three, Nakamura could win as he has Sami Zayn and a new Intercontinental Title belt and Strong could win due to being the underdog nobody expects.

AJ Styles 5/6 – Gary

Shinsuke Nakamura 7/4 – Conor, Craig

Roderick Strong 7/2 – Nobody

WWE Championship No DQ match Brock Lesnar Vs Rey Mysterio

In what has been an unexpectedly entertaining build we find ourselves with a WWE Championship match that wouldn’t have looked out of place in 2003. Lesnar has destroyed Mysterio, his son Dominic and his pal Cain Velasquez over the last few months. While Cain has been getting healthy and could interfere we see that as more of a heel move. As much as we’d love for Mysterio to be the Champion we can’t see Lesnar dropping the title here.

Brock Lesnar 1/3 – Conor, Craig, Gary

Rey Mysterio 9/4 – Nobody

Triple Threat Becky Lynch Vs Shayna Baszler Vs Bayley

Does anyone else feel that the new Bayley is kinda like Baszler lite? This match should be another show stealer as you have 3 of the top women in the WWE competing to see who is the real Champ. Given Baszler lost last night after being put through two chairs she has the disadvantage walking in but she has been shown to be tough competition in the build to this match whereas Bayley has a new lease on life since turning heel and Becky Lynch has been The Man for almost a year now. This one has given MostlyWrestling another split decision

Shayna Baszler 10/11 – Conor, Gary

Becky Lynch 9/4 – Craig

Bayley 5/2 – Nobody

Triple Threat Tag Viking Raiders Vs Undisputed Era Vs New Day

Surprisingly the best tag team in the world isn’t being represented in this match after the O.C. won that honour at crown jewel nor will the Revival after losing the belts to the New Day and being unable to reclaim them. This gives us a genuine first ever triple threat tag match between these teams. Era should be tired from NXT, Vikings haven’t lost since coming to Raw (aside from crown jewel) and New Day have the most mainstream appeal.

Viking Raiders 4/5 – Nobody

Undisputed Era 7/4 – Conor

New Day 9/2 – Craig, Gary

Universal Championship The Fiend Bray Wyatt Vs Daniel Bryan

The final title match on the card sees the new blue Universal Championship go up for grabs in a match between a “mentally unstable” Daniel Bryan and a thankfully saved after Hell in a Cells fiasco Bray Wyatt. There is history between these two dating back to 2013 that will come to a head tonight but who will win? We feel Wyatt should retain the title until at least Wrestlemania if not beyond.

Bray Wyatt 1/14 – Conor, Craig, Gary

Daniel Bryan 13/2 – Nobody

Women’s 5 on 5 on 5

The first of two semi traditional Survivor Series matches for the first time featuring NXT. Team Captains include Charlotte for Raw, Sasha Banks for Smackdown and Rhea Ripley for NXT. We can see whoever survives this match to be WWE telling us that they are the future of the Women’s Division and potentially hint at a Royal Rumble winner.

Team Raw 10/11 – Gary

Team NXT 5/2 – Nobody

Team Smackdown 5/2 – Conor, Craig

Men’s 5 on 5 on 5

The second semi traditional Survivor Series match sees the men from Raw Smackdown and NXT go head to head to see who is the best brand. As of writing it is currently unknown who is on Team NXT making it harder to predict but after we saw Kevin Owens at Wargames last night could we see him jump to NXT permanently? Will we see anymore jump ship? Will the big dog or the beast slayer pull out the win for their team? Without knowing all competitors it is tough to call.

Team NXT 1/1 – Gary

Team Smackdown 13/8 – Conor, Craig

Team Raw 10/3 – Nobody

So those are our picks for Survivor Series tonight, what do you think? Let us know your picks as well as who you think will be Team NXTs members. As always I’ve been Mostly Gary and we look forward to chatting with you in the comments.