It had been reported that despite Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown both hitting all time low viewership figures recently, Vince McMahon is not worried about the decline.

According to, Vince is confident that the ratings will shoot back up after summerslan when fans are allowed to return to venues. The report also reported that both USA Network and FOX are happy with WWE right now.

However a contradicting report has come from Ringside News where they suggest that both television networks are not pleased with the figures that are coming in from WWE’s weekly shows.

The site reports that both USA Network and FOX have ‘lost patience’ with WWE, likely due to the lack of viewers. The report also notes that people within WWE are worried about declining ratings.

“While speaking to a source recently it was disclosed to us that WWE is feeling the pressure regarding their sinking ratings. “Sh*t runs downhill,” which makes for a very stressful work environment as some executives are taking frustrations out on anyone that they can under them. There is a lot of eggshell walking right now

“Ringside News has learned “the story that FOX and USA Network are okay with waiting for people to come back into arenas is bullsh*t.” It was previously thought that bringing fans back to arenas will encourage more viewers at home. We were told that they have lost patience with those low numbers.”

Ringside News founder Steve Carrier also had on say on Twitter about the report:

At no point within the report does it mention that either of the television networks are considering dropping SmackDown or Raw, it just plainly says that they are losing patience with WWE which I understandable.