It was only last week that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were released from their WWE contracts. This came 18 months after the tag team known as the revival reportedly asked to leave WWE.

This weekend photos of brand-new ring gear were released along with a plan for a new gimmick and entrance music for the duo. When you see nonsense like this its clear to understand why they wanted to leave the company.

Since leaving the WWE the duo re-branded themselves as Cash Wheeler (Dash Wilder) and Dax Harwood (Scott Dawson). They have also renamed their tag team, changing from ‘The Revival’ to ‘The Revolt.’

Many people expect the duo to debut in AEW in the coming weeks or when fans are allowed back into shows, but perhaps they will not be signing exclusive deals with the promotion.

Taking to Twitter, Cash Wheeler has teased that The Revival will be wrestling for NWA soon.

NWA asked Twitter for fans to reveal who they would like to see win the Crockett Cup, a tag team tournament, and Wheeler decided to throw The Revival’s name into the mix replying three simple letters ‘FTR’ – Fear The Revolt.

While many people may be disappointed that the duo do not seem like they will be signing with AEW exclusively. After years of working for just one promotion, you can probably understand why Dash and Dawson are keen to work for as many companies as possible. In the current climate with less money coming into promotions, it might be tough for any of them to bring in new stars.