As a way to encourage people to stay indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic, The Rock has taken to Instagram to host Q&A sessions with fans.

The Hollywood superstar and former WWE champ was asked a whole host of questions including some actors he has worked with, movies he has made and of course his wrestling career.

@dajosc11 on Twitter shared what the Legend had to say when he was asked if he watches WWE’s new competitor AEW. |The rock said he does watch their show and he enjoys what the new promoters are providing for fans.

The Rock had this to say:

“Do I watch AEW? Yeah I watch AEW, of course I do. I’m very happy for the success of that company because it’s always a goiod thing and creates a hunger, which is good.”

The rock is one of many WWE legends who have admitted they are impressed by the new show they are watching, including Mick Foley, and Randy Orton. They feel the same as most of us do, the fact that AEW are providing exciting characters, quality feuds and technical matches, WWE have no option but to up their game.