On Twitter a current WWE star has written to The Rock to request a match against him. They said that he would love to fight The Rock after the pain that he has had to suffer due to his movies.

SmackDown Star Daniel Bryan said that he wants revenge on Dwayne Johnson based solely on how often he has had to listen to the song ‘You’re Welcome’ from the Disney movie Moana. Apparently Bryan’s daughter Birdie has made him listen to the song By Johnson’s main character Maui so much that the song is constantly stuck in his head.

Here is the Twitter conversation between the two:

The two wrestling legends seem to be having a joke in the Tweets, however with WrestleMania set to take place in Hollywood next year it could be a possibility. Providing the world gets back to normal and WWE can have audiences in attendance, how amazing would it be to have they two face each other?

If The Rock was to make a comeback, would you be happy it was against Bryan or would you rather see him face someone else?