Top three rumours of today as WWE gear up towards extreme rules. Remember these are just rumours! We are passing on what we’re hearing from the WWE locker room to the fans. We love a good rumour!

Two of these rumours are great news but the third was in is particularly petty.

  • Rey Mysterio is scheduled to be back on the road at the start of July with an appearance at July 8 Raw.
  • Bray Wyatt has been travelling on the road with the company ready to release him back onto TV after months of skits.
  • The term ‘Codebreak’ a move used by Jericho and Ricochet has now been banned by WWE. Presumably, because it will remind people of Jericho.

WWE seems confused in how they want to confront AEW. One month they are saying their name live on air (via Sammy Zayne) the next their banning words of moves because it belongs to an AEW wrestler. Not like Vince to flip flop!