Tonight is the 11th annual Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV event (except that one time where they added stairs to the name, never forget). At the moment we know of 7 matches that will take place on the card tonight and we are here to give you the odds and our predictions on how the results will go down.

Raw Tag Team Championship Viking Raiders Vs TBA

This one is unable to be bet on yet as the Viking Raiders issues an open challenge at TLC so this pick is more likely to be speculation that flat out will happen. There are 3 teams that are most likely to answer the challenge. If the O.C. answer the call as the best tag team in the world then chances are the Viking Raiders will win to get their win back after Crown Jewel. If the AOP answer the challenge they could win but it seems like it’s too soon and they don’t need the titles just now. If the Usos return to answer the challenge then they’ll put on a hell of a match but ultimately fail to claim the titles. Whoever answers the challenge we see a Viking Raiders retention of the titles which will build to a feud.

Aleister Black Vs Buddy Murphy

Who’s the latest person to knock on Aleister Black’s door? None other than the best kept secret of Raw Buddy Murphy. Murphy tore up the Cruiserweight division then was involved with the who done it storyline with Roman Reigns but since then has only had sporadic appearances. Black has also done little on the main roster since breaking with Ricochet. He constantly waits on people to knock on his door with the latest on the list being Buddy Murphy. This match will most likely go to Black but hopefully both men will get a showcase to show the mainstream fans what they can do.

Black to win 1/8

Tables Match Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley

Who’d have thought this angle would still be going? We can see this angle going even further though. Rusev and Lana got divorced on Raw with Rusevs request being that he got a match at TLC with Lashley which will be a Tables match. We can see Lashley winning this match with a distraction from Lana where Rusev will get his own back by eliminating Lashley from the Rumble.

Lashley to win 8/11

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Ladder Match New Day Vs The Revival

This match was supposedly supposed to feature RooDolph instead of the Revival but since Robert Roode got suspended. We’ve seen what these two teams can do together in the ring and with the addition of a ladder this gives the match that little something extra that could make it a show stealer. Normally a team being swapped in would mean they win but since the Revivals contracts will be up soon we can see them losing this match with the New Day retaining.

New Day to win 1/3

Bray Wyatt Vs The Mix

This match will see Bray Wyatt make his first wrestling appearance under the new gimmick after targeting The Miz and his family as he wants them for himself. Surely Wyatt can’t win this one? We think he will. We think Wyatt will beat The Miz with the help from a warped Daniel Bryan. Bryan will have been converted by The Fiend back into the Wyatt Family version we saw in 2013 in order to gain the upper hand. Hopefully this leads to Bryan overcoming the control and facing Wyatt for the title at the Royal Rumble.

Wyatt to win 2/9

TLC Match Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin

This match has gotten more interesting after the previous 3 Smackdowns seeing Roman get attacked, humiliated and ultimately get revenge on Corbin Ziggler and Roode. Since Roman got the upper hand on Smackdown we can Corbin getting the win here and reveal who it was that was under the ring holding Roman back which if reports are to be believed could be Drake Maverick. This would set Corbin on a high and Roman at rock bottom going into 2020 where Corbin’s delusions of grandeur could see himself get eliminated first from the Royal Rumble and see Reigns go on to potentially win it.

Corbin to win 10/3

TLC Women’s Tag Team Championship Match The Kabuki Warriors Vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Now what will most likely be the main event, the women’s TLC tag title match. This time last year saw Becky and Charlotte on top of a ladder where Ronda Rousey came down to knock both women off and see Asuka win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. We can see history repeat itself with a twist. Kairi Sane and Charlotte will be on the outside and Becky will be up the ladder but instead of Rousey knocking her off it’ll be Shayna Baszler. This plants the seeds for Baszler to win the Rumble and challenge Becky for the title at Wrestlemania and even sets up Asuka Vs Becky at the Rumble again with this time Becky retaining.

Kabuki Warriors to win 8/11

And those are the matches that have been announced as of writing. There will most likely be some throwaway matches on the card aswell, we’re surprised Styles Vs Orton and no US or IC title matches are yet on the card. What do you think? Will Baszler appear? Will the Viking Raiders be beaten by a surprise team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments