One of the main stories this week in wrestling is regarding the blow up between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee. Cole became quite irritated with the line of questioning from the host of The Pat McAfee Show. This led to Cole leaving the interview after an expletive-filled shouting match.

Here is the clip if you have not already seen it:

Cole has taken to Twitter to apologise for his actions. He states that he should have acted like a professional and kept his composure. Here is his full Tweet:

Fans online have debated over whether the argument was a legitimate or a work. There doesn’t seem to be any meaningful program for the two to continue their feud, so it makes no sense to be a work. If it was not real, then Cole’s acting ability has been seriously underestimated.

Triple H also joined McAfee this week to address the controversy. He also apologised for Cole’s behaviour, but added that McAfee was not innocent in the bust up. Here’s what the NXT boss had to say:

 ‘I like both of you guys, you’re both good guys and very passionate. To me, this is all a misunderstanding.

You guys have had a relationship for a while, positively and then becoming negative. It started from a place of you participating in [NXT] shows and you’ve had interactions from the showbiz side. Sometimes, those lines get blurred and you guys had a relationship that became somewhat more contentious behind the scenes. It was a budding irritation that was interesting for people.

I apologise for Adam coming on your show. He is the nicest guy in the world. He comes on your show, there’s an interaction where I believe Adam is being a little overly sensitive and you being Pat McAfee, a professional button pusher – you needle people for a living.