We are looking forward to NXT TakeOver: In Your House this weekend. To promote the event Triple H has been discussing a variety of topics with the media. The majority of the questions directed were not related to the content of the upcoming show but more focused on Coronavirus.

On The Call, the question was asked if WWE staff would be officially tested for Covid-19 before entering the Performance Centre. Here is what Triple H had to say:

“So the testing that we do, we have medical experts on our team…they work with CDC and the government to determine what is the best approach for us to take to ensure the safety and the wellness of our performers, and that is what we do. That is working with the local and federal government. When you begin to talk about various types of testing, and there is a lot of that thrown around, the accuracy of those tests becomes questionable…We need to do what we’re being told to do by the medical experts, and once that widespread testing that is accurate becomes available, we will do so. But the accuracy of those tests has to be there first. But in the meantime, our medical protocols are extensive, and most importantly, they’ve worked.”


Triple H did not give a straight answer as to whether or not the company is testing athletes for the disease, however it can be implied by what he did not say that WWE are not officially testing performers for Covid-19 before they enter the facilities.

Many people that are carrying the disease right now can be asymptomatic, meaning that testing people for e fever can not rule out the fact they are infectious. Although it could be expensive for the company, official testing would be much more responsible than taking performer’s temperature.

As mentioned multiple times, AEW are correctly testing everyone that walks through the company doors. This is the protocol that WWE should be following, maybe if they did Superstars such as Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn would feel more comfortable going to their place of work