WWE Executive Triple H has recently explained why he believes that the company will overcome competition from rival promotion All Elite Wrestling.

Paul Levesque was recently on a podcast with Bill Simmons where he spoke about a number of topics regarding Vince McMahon’s company. One of the noteworthy conversations was regarding NXT’s ‘war’ on a Wednesday night with Tony Khan’s promotion AEW.

Discussing the competition between the two promotions, Triple H said:

“It keeps you fresh and strong. When you look back over this, and I’m not gonna belittle anybody’s anything because that’s not the intent. But when you look back at a track record of a company that can shift pivot and move. It might take time, and it doesn’t happen on a Thursday. It just takes time effort and there’s a lot of pieces to move. But a company that historically, over and over again that has recreated itself, reinvented itself, stayed relevant to the next wave as it was coming in, and shifting with that and being able to ebb and flow. It is the strength of this company. People will talk about hard work, and anybody that can outwork Vince McMahon, god bless them. He’s worn out more people than I can count, trust me. It’s what we do. I would put my money on this. People ask me a lot of times did I ever contemplate leaving in the Monday Night Wars to go someplace else. I said I’ve been there and I’ve been here. Once I met Vince and saw that level of passion, dedication, and everything else. There was no way this guy was losing. Absolutely no way. It’s awe-inspiring. He will pivot, shift, and put the people around him he needs to pivot and shift, and it will work.”

So far, the battle between the two promotions has been pretty one sided. Apart from a couple of weeks, AEW have had the upper hand and came on top of the ratings war. There have been a few weeks where schedules have changed which has allowed NXT to increase their ratings, but those are rare and far between.

AEW have also came out on top regarding the all-important demographic of 18-49. So much so that Chris Jericho from AEW has crowned himself as the DemoGod. AEW have not only bettered NXT in the demographics but has also beat WWE’s main roster shows Monday Night Raw and Smackdown in the all-important advertising numbers.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote.