On Friday Night Smackdown, there were more qualifying matches to give two WWE Superstars the chance to “climb the corporate ladder” and have a chance at winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

The first of the two matches featured Baron Corbin v Drew Gulak.

Baron Corbin threw Drew Gulak over the top rope to the outside. The former cruiserweight champion got right back in the ring and took Corbin down with a waistlock.

Gulak drove his opponent over the announce table with a dropkick. Corbin put him down with a clothesline for a near fall.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro attacked Daniel Bryan at ringside, which caused Gulak to become distracted. Corbin took advantage of the situation and hit The End of Days for the win and a place in this years Money in The Bank Ladder Match.

The second match was between Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans.

Banks and Evans have been feuding on and off for months, so they did not waste time turning this into a physical fight.

The Boss controlled most of the first few minutes. The Sassy Southern Belle made a comeback with a few boots to the face and a running knee.

The damage done by Banks prevented her from hitting a pendulum dropkick and allowed The Boss to hit a meteora from the top rope for a near fall.

Evans took things up to a new level by slamming Banks’ head into the ring post several times. Thanks to an accidental distraction from Bayley, Evans was able to kick out of a pin and hit The Women’s Right for the win.

Looks like trouble between Banks and Bailey again. Time for another Feud between the two?