On Wednesday, after a group call with Vince McMahon, more than 20 WWE superstars were released from the company. Including well loved on screen talent such as Rusev, Zack Ryder, Drake Maverick, and Curt Hawkins.

Kurt Angle was let go and none other producers put on furlough. As previously reported by us, the cuts were a bit of a shock,

As estimates show that even with the Coronavirus outbreak WWE is still set to make a massive profit, maybe even becoming a Billion dollar year.

After Wednesdays events, WWE staff and fans feared more cuts this coming week. With that topic we can inform you that there is good news!

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter there will be no further releases from Monday Night RAW or Friday Night Smackdown.

He Wrote:

“We were told as far as the main roster, that all of the cuts have been made.”

With Good news there must always come the Bad. Meltzer did mention that the cuts to Wednesday nights NXT are not completed. More WWE Superstars will be let go from the black and gold brand and it will most likely be those who don’t feature on TV as much as others.

“For NXT, all the released names aren’t known. And unlike the main roster, the belief is that there are more to come. We’re told everyone who isn’t featured heavily on NXT television is sweating on this. The NXT talent cut will only be on 30 day non-competes.”

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Looks like the worry is not over for the NXT stars and I’m sure they will be dreading answering their phone in the coming week. We will keep you updated as always!