The strategies behind WWE attempting to return to shows with live audiesnces in attendance is constantly evolving. The company have changed their plans multiple times as the situation continues to develop regarding COVID-19.

In the most recent update to the plans we reported that SummerSlam had to take place in the performance centre like every other pay-per-view event since The Elimination Chamber. We also mentioned that WWE wanted to have a live audience.

In today’s update we learned from WrestleVotes that SummerSlam having a live audience is not going to happen and out of the question. WWE are now hoping that live crowds will be able to return by the end of September.

Have a look at the Tweet below:

WW’s next pay-per-view after that is due to air on the 20th of September so we could possibly see fans in attendance at Clash of Champions.

Almost every day we are receiving updates regarding the Coronavirus situation so stick with us for up to date information.