Back in September 2018 Rey Mysterio signed a new contract with WWE and we have recently come across an update regarding when the contract expires.

Rey signed the new contract for two years but there was an optional clause that would allow him to leave after a year and a half if he wanted to.

In a report from, Mysterio has not opted to activate that clause, and so his current deal will run for the two years and expire around Septembe 2020r.

The report adds that WWE has opened talks with Mysterio but the parties as or right now have still to come to an agreement of terms.

Of course, if Mysterio does not sign a new deal with WWE he would be free to work elsewhere after the deal expires.

We recently reported that Mysterio would like to fight for his mask at some point against Andrade in a hair or mask match. We also raised the point that it would be a great intro to the WWE if Rey’s son Dominik won the privilege of wearing the mask. Maybe that match will be coming over the next couple of months.