After last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. WWE confirmed that there was a member of development talent who had tested positive for COVID-19.

The member of the roster that contracted the Coronavirus was last in the Performance Centre on June 9th. WWE have confirmed that everyone who was in the building on the same day as the athlete will be tested for the virus.

The news was first released last night by Ryan Satin from WWE Backstage and Pro Wrestling sheet. WWE then released the following statement on the situation:

“A developmental talent, who was last on site at WWE’s training facility on Tuesday, June 9, has tested positive for COVID-19. Since that time, no other individuals that attended the facility have reported symptoms. However, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of the company’s performers and staff, all talent, production crew and employees on site at the training and production facilities will be tested for COVID-19 immediately. Following the test results, WWE plans to proceed with its normal television production schedule.”

There are many disgruntled staff within the WWE company today after it emerged that Ryan Satin was told the news before their own talent roster.

We have previously reported on the fact that there has already been one confirmed Covid-19 test within WWE. The member of staff who has made a full recovery was not a wrestler but was an on-screen talent

WWE have now cancelled today’s long day of recordings for next week’s Raw and Smackdown episodes to make sure that everyone is correctly tested. The episodes are set to be recorded tomorrow instead.

It should also be mentioned that last nights episode of Monday Night Raw had members of the public in the crowd. It has not been confirmed who exactly was used to fill out the space behind the plexi-glass to add atmosphere.

Wrestletalk have put together these important points from different sources. It does not paint a good picture of WWE as a company.


  • WWE talent did not know that fans were at the PC for the show until it leaked. It’s hard to see through the plexiglass that WWE puts up at ringside, so talent did not know that untested fans had been let into the building.
  • Fans who came to Raw were asked to sign a waiver so they knew the risks of entering the PC. This meant if the fans contracted Coronavirus, WWE would not be liable. The people in the crowd were also not allowed to wear masks when a few asked to do so.
  • Speaking of the lack of communication from WWE higher-ups to the talent, the wrestlers didn’t know about the positive test result until it was reported by Ryan Satin. With the last positive test result, the roster knew a few days before news leaked.
  • WWE is still not testing people for the virus, they are just temperature checking people. Shockingly, we’ve also been told that some talent have been let into the PC even if they have a temperature to film in “special circumstances”.
  • Some of the roster that we’ve spoken to are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from WWE during the pandemic, and some are considering asking for time off as we’ve seen with Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.


This is an ongoing situation and we will keep you as updated as possible.