WWE big boss, Vince McMahon, is not usually one who is lost for words. He usually has an answer for everything, and they are very rarely short answers.

In recent interviews he has given multiple reasons to why ratings have fallen to all-time lows. And has commented on how his main roster shows are comparing to AEW and NXT shows due to the global health pandemic.

One question that Vince was lost for words with was when someone during todays media call asked about Paul Heyman’s firing from the company. This was a very short answer for a change.

Vince replied very simply:

“As far as Paul Heyman’s concerned, he did a very good job in terms of creativity.”

it has been well reported that the young stars within the Monday Night Raw stars were getting a massive push by Heyman and he was trying to create new reasons for fans to watch the show. Vince was asked if he would have to change his strategy now that Heyman had been released:

“As far as continuing on, acting on what’s new and building and characters, you always have to build new characters. Constantly.”

Over the past few weeks on Raw, since Heyman’s departure we have seen the push of some up and coming stars such as MVP, Christian, Edge, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and now Randy Orton seems to be headlining SummerSlam against Drew McIntyre. Seems like a massive change in strategy.