There are so many rules that performers and staff must respect within WWE. One of Vince McMahon. Some are quite obscure, but one of the better-known rules of the company is that you should not tease a match that Vince McMahon doesn’t intend to put on.

It is reported that Mr McMahon is extremely unhappy with Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa for this exact reason. The two have been back and forth on Twitter this week with a series of trash-talking messages. Orton’s wife even got involved at one point.

Orton seems to hit out at NXT and their use of ‘leg slapping’ when hitting moves, Ciampa implied that Orton’s opinions are boring and would help send his daughter to sleep. The social media arguing between the two stars has led to speculation that the two would face off in a match, but reports suggest there are no plans in place for this to be settled in the ring.

Bryan Alvarez said the following on Wrestling Observer Live,

“The impression I was give is that Vince McMahon isn’t very happy about this. For those of you who may not know there are rules and then there’s Vince. Vince hates it when guys or women or whatever do something that teases a match that he’s not gonna do, but if he starts booking something that doesn’t pay off it’s totally fine. There’s a different set of rules.”

Obviously, a feud between Ciampa and Orton would be great. If Ciampa was to make it to the main roster then this would be an exhilarating first rivalry for him, but if its not one that Vince had in mind then they maybe should have kept quiet until it happens.

On the other hand, however, with seeing fans excitement over the possibility, Vince and his management might write it into scripts sooner than they initially thought.