It’s not like Vince to ever change his mind, we know!

But there could be good news on the horizon for fans who were annoyed that Hurt Angle’s FINAL opponent for Wrestlemania would be none other than Baron Corbin.

Bless his heart, Baron is trying and he has got over as a heel people genuinely want to boo. But it’s a different kind of heel heat from say The Miz had a few years back when you wanted to see him get his ass kicked. You kind of just want Baron to go away.

Reports from people behind the scenes at WWE claim Vince was not happy at all with the reaction of the live crowd when Angle announced his farewell opponent on Raw and ordered the commentators to immediately start talking it down.

There is hope Vince is ready to find another opponent for the former Olympian with many people clamouring for John Cena to come in to replace Baron.

Now that would be a match worthy of Mania, even if Kurt or John can’t go as well as they used to.