The last time WWE was in Saudi Arabia was back in February 2019 for the Super ShowDown event. At last year’s event we seen WCW Legend defeat The Fiend Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

That was not the only controversial talking point of the event. There is currently an ongoing lawsuit regarding WWE’s dealings with Saudi Arabia concerning the Crown Jewel pay per view.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic there have been many travel bans. This has meant that WWE have not yet been able to return to Saudi Arabia. The question has been asked whether the event can even take part this year.

At the Annual Share Holders Meeting Vince McMahon was asked about the possibility of WWE returning to the country in 2020. Vince said it is a possibility. Here is what he had to say:

“Oh, that’s a possibility. Obviously, Saudi has been going through what we in America have been going through. As far as COVID’S concerned. Right now, I think they’re doing a little bit better than we are [in the U.S.], considerably better. So there’s a possibility that we’ll will still get a show in before the end of the year, as was scheduled. But we’re not certain because, you know, who can be certain about what COVID-19 is going to do.”

Since COVID-19 impacted life all over the world in March, WWE has been forced to run shows without an audience. All Raw, Smackdown and pay per views since then have been aired from the Performance centre and all NXT Shows from Full Sail.

Surely the priority would be to plan and carry out these shows safely before considering travelling to other countries for shows?