Vince McMahon is already training Triple H to take over the reigns of WWE instead of leaving the company to his children Stephanie or Shane.

This is the view of Jim Ross the legendary wrestling commentator who now works for rival company AEW. He has tipped that Billionaire Vince’s son-in-law will add both main roster shows Raw and SmackDown to his portfolio alongside NXT.

McMahon who is now 74 took over WWE from his father back in 1982 and has turned it into the biggest and most profitable wrestling promotion in history. The American business owner currently remains the company’s chairman and CEO however occasionally appears on television for special episodes.

Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H are known as being the power couple of WWE. Stephanie has the role of Chief Brand Officer and Triple H has the massive title of Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development.

Vince’s son Shane is content with his on-screen role within the company and occasionally has big matches at pay per view events.

Hall of Famer Jim Ross believes that Triple H, real name Paul Levesque is the heir in training. Here is what he had to say to Business Insider:

“I have an opinion on where the company will go. I will say this — you know, Vince is very healthy.

“He still works out like a crazy man. He really takes care of himself. So, he ain’t going anywhere soon. We don’t want him to go anywhere soon. He’s the rock that built that thing. He’s the rudder in the water. It’s an amazing company.

“I think that, if I’m guessing, and it’s gonna strictly be a guess — that the money would be on, probably, Paul Levesque to be Vince’s successor.

“I think Vince is kind of preparing him for that in a lot of ways. You always knew that he was different from the other guys because he was very studious, and very – under control. He didn’t drink. No drugs.

“He looked to be a lifer early on, and he got a lot of that from being a fan all his life growing up in the northeast — New Hampshire. Then, getting trained by Killer Kowalski who was a great, old-school guy. So, I think he’s probably the heir apparent.

“Stephanie is very involved and, you know, is really more of a face of WWE. She does a lot of charity work. And she’s great at that. And you’ve got to have that in that world.

“I think Shane seems to be, apparently, content with being a TV character. I don’t know where his role’s gonna be going forward or what he wants it to be.

“But, I think that Paul Levesque is the one that seems to be earmarked to be the next guy, if and when Vince is not in that role.”