Due to the Coronoavirus Pandemic, there have many changes to how WWE set out their episodes of Monday night RAW, NXT and Friday Night Smackdown. One of the main changes is that in order to keep fans and WWE Superstars safe, all tapings and live shows have been held without any crowds.

While the likes of WWE and AEW have done their best to work around this issue, thee common opinion is that the lack of atmosphere and crown interaction have negatively affected the shows and caused a decline in average viewers.

According to Vince McMahon, WWE are considering getting fans back into shows to help with ratings. The company are currently working on a way to get fans into the Orlando Performance centre in the near future.

Speaking at yesterday’s investors call Vince said:

“Yes we’re looking at that. I don’t know what it looks like. I don’t know if it’s six feet apart and everyone is tested beforehand. If anyone can know how to do it, it’s us.”

He also added that the falling ratings had nothing to do with the lack of fans at shows. Contradictive as always Mr McMahon.

It is understandable that WWE are desperate to get fans back into watch their shows but I’m not sure if they have even considered the logistics. How can they stand far apart? How do they test everyone on the way in? does not really make sense.

Mr McMahon seems confident they can work it out so we will wait and see and update you when we can.