Before Paul Heyman got fired from his role of Executive Director of Raw, one of his biggest agendas was to push young talent to the top of the card. We seen this when the likes of Aleister Black, Angel Garza, Murphy and of course Drew McIntyre got a lot more television time.

When his release from his role within WWE young fans were worried that without Heyman to back them, they would fall back down the pecking order regarding time on screen.

Many fans are of the impression that Vince McMahon and Heyman’s replacement Bruce Pritchard prioritise maximising ratings more than building on stars. However, a recent report has indicated that this is not the case.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Vince McMahon is focussed on building new talent. The roster is not at its full potential due to the COVID-19 impact within the company, so the youngsters need to be depended on.

Here is what Meltzer had to say:

“What is notable is that Vince McMahon actually has said that since Mania is over and with a lot of guys missing due to COVID and other reasons, that this is the time where they have to make new stars, which seems to contradict most of what the actual creative is doing”.

We have seen some young up and comers get their deserved slot within the main roster shows, however , we have also seen the likes of Christian and Big Show brought back to try and boost ratings over the past couple of weeks.