During the #SpeakingOut movement on social media, several serious allegations were made against Velveteen Dream in April and June. Following the accusations, the NXT Star was removed from TV not long after TakeOver: In Your House.

There was speculation and reports that Velveteen Dream was due to be released from his WWE contract. Which made it extremely surprising that the former North American Champion made the return to NXT on last week’s show to compete for a place in the Ladder Match for the North American Title.

Many fans were disappointed to see Dream back on TV following the very serious allegations. The unhappiness was particularly expressed when one of his accusers took to social media to show his disgust in the return.

We did report that following his return there has been some serious backstage heat on Velveteen Dream not only for his secretive return, but also for his previous behavioural problems backstage. Check it out here.

Dream has serious heat with the locker room at the moment, however it appears he does not have heat with management. Dave Meltzer recently revealed on  Wrestling Observer Radio how WWE boss Vince McMahon feels about the start and his recent social media attention. Check out what he had to say below:

The thing with Vince is from Vince’s perspective he’s gonna not fire somebody over an accusation. He’s gonna have to find evidence of something before he will do so. So, I would have figured that yeah you’re gonna keep him off [TV], but yeah you’re gonna do an investigation to find out if it’s true. In this one it’s interesting because it’s like it doesn’t appear that they did that like even look into it which is it is what it is, you know

It looks like Velveteen Dream is being treated as innocent until proven guilty, however looking at some of the evidence online regarding his behaviour, it is difficult to see why he has not met the same fate as others who were accused online.