Vince McMahon HAS to be trolling his son Shane on social media after his latest Paul Levesque tweet. The WWE chairman regularly wishes his top talent happy birthday but when it comes to his son in law, the chairman goes over the top to say the very least.

It has been a running joke for years that Vince McMahon loves HHH more than he does his own son, but on social media it would be hard to argue that was indeed fact.

The famous tweet of Vince wishing Shane a happy birthday has gone viral on the net. It simply said ‘Happy Birthday Shane’.

However, on The Game’s birthday on July 27, McMahon wrote:

It’s quite the review from the Chairman to his COO.

It’s widely accepted that HHH will take over the company when Vince stands down or dies on his feet! Marrying into the family, there has always been rumours of a power struggle between HHH, Stephanie and Shane – prompting the suggestion Shane took a long time out of the company because of it.

Anyway, Happy birthday HHH, my favourite B+ player!