According to a recent report “virtually everyone” from WWE has reached out to All Elite Wrestling at some point to discuss a potential change in promotions.

Dave Meltzer discussed the subject on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He was asked about Chris Jericho’s list of five athletes he would like to see join AEW. If you did not see Jericho’s recent list, the five pro wrestling stars were Kota Ibushi, Will Osprey, Don Callis, Ricochet and Roman Reigns.

Here is what Meltzer had to say regarding Roman Reigns:

“Roman Reigns is not going to AEW, not happening. Virtually everyone in WWE, including guys who have claimed different, at one point or another have called up people in AEW trying to see what they can get, or have had interest. But Roman Reigns, and there’s a couple of others, but Roman Reigns was basically, of the top guys, he was the only one who never even enquired. So he ain’t going anywhere.”

We all know that Reign joining AEW is extremely unlikely, back in 2019 he signed a multi-year deal to remain at WWE. We don’t know exactly how long that deal lasts but most long-term deals for big stars like reigns is five years.

It is not surprising to hear that a lot of people from the company have enquired about moving to Tony Khan’s promotion, but if the report is correct and “virtualy everyone” is looking to get out then it seems Vince McMahon has a lot of work to do.