WWE announced yesterday that due to the Coronavirus they were going to have to make cutbacks to their talent roster.

Since that announcement more than 20 superstars were released from their contract including Kurt angle, Rusev, a Drake Maverick and Gallows and Anderson.

We wondered why this was necessary considering WWE’s competitors such as NJPW, NWA, ROH and Impact are in a worse financial position and have not let any of their wrestlers go.

Brandon Thurston – independent financial expert on WWE had forecasted that despite the ongoing Global situation WWE had forecasted a record breaking profit year.

This suggests then that the releases were made not to ensure profitability but in fact to maintain a high profit margin.

The same conclusion was met by Dave Meltzer

Estimates on how much money WWE has saved by making these cuts range from $730,000 to $4million a month if you take into consideration staff wages and the postponement of the headquarter move.

Accurately analysing this situation requires clear, critical thinking, which Thurston has applied through an objective look at the numbers. His results are shocking. They mean WWE can’t be let off the hook here. A difficult, unprecedented time to be working through, absolutely, but the releases were a choice, not a necessity

WWE recently have adopted a strategy of stockpiling talent to stop them from signing with rival promotions, but because AEW will lack the funds to sign up all those releases from WWE. WWE decided they could risk releasing the Superstars without greatly strengthening the opposition. AEW will not want to look like they are desperate to sign WWE rejects but I think they will definitely pick up a few.