Jon Moxley discusses what he would do with his career if he couldn’t wrestle. He has never held back his feelings on WWE and has criticised their creative process before.

He was posed the question during an interview on Wrestling Observer Live. While he mentioned he would likely try being a producer or trainer, it would not be in WWE. Here is what he had to say:

“If I couldn’t wrestle right now, I think maybe I’d try to be a producer, a coach or a trainer, something like that. Be involved in some way, which I would never say — I would never be a producer in WWE. I would rather work at McDonald’s than be a producer at WWE. You talk about a thankless job? Dude, or be on the creative team at WWE? I would rather [do any job] in the Summer heat than be a member of the creative team at WWE.”


Jon Moxley was not content with WWE’s creative process and left the company over it last year. He seemed to be much happier when at New Japan Pro Wrestling and even more so AEW. This is most likely due to the creative freedom he has there.