English professional wrestler Jack Gallagher took to Twitter to compare the newly crowned WWE Champion with none other than Tennis Grand Slam winner Andy Murray.

Gallagher used social media to let Drew McIntyre know that he would no longer be considered British if he were to loose his champion status.

Ayrshire born McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar to make history and become the first British wrestler to be crowned champion. But how will he feel knowing that some of his support will drop him as soon as he drops the title?

This kind of treatment is not new to Andy Murray. Throughout his tennis career it has been suggested that the media sees him as a British star when winning and reverts back to a Scottish star if he does not make it to finals. Will McIntyre fear suffering the same fate?

The tongue in cheek comment from Gallagher blew up on Twitter. He used the surprising heat to try drum up some more viewers for Friday nights showing of 205 live