Much has been said about the very public hiatus of “The Boss” Sasha Banks, dating back to WrestleMania 35 when she was reported to have been very unhappy with her spot on the card and in the company being in the womens tag team title match whilst Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch headlined the marathon show in the first ever women main event.

It was taken as far as saying she was found crying and having a tantrum on the locker room floor in New Jersey and although since then this has been weaved in to the on air storyline, it is unconfirmed whether there is any substance to these allegations but now fans may get an insight in to this period between WrestleMania and when she re-debuted on Monday Night Raw.

According to WWE Network News, there will be a new episode of WWE Chronicle featuring Sasha Banks airing on the 14th of September, which is a documentary based show and usually a mixture of reality and storyline and often used to push major upcoming matches.

Although WWE can be quite creative in the way they portray these chronicle shows, I am still very curious of this time in Sasha’s career.

Are you excited for the upcoming episode?

Mostly Conor