As Smackdown is set to move to the FOX network on the 4th of October can we expect to see a change to the commentary teams?

According to Whatculture we may just see that. We may see new and exciting combinations of broadcast teams such as potentially Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves on Raw or Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix on Smackdown or even David Otunga and Byron Saxton on NXT. Hopefully not that last one.

How would the broadcast team handle the changes? Ranallo has had a bad time on the main roster with JBL and Vince, would he be ready for another go on Smackdown or even a fresh start on Raw?

Will new pairings mesh well or go at each other’s throats? Will we see the return of old commentators such as Jerry the King Lawler, Booker T or JBL to help boost ratings to compete with AEW’s Good Ol’ JR Jim Ross, Excalibur and Alex Golden Boy Mendez.

Are you hopeful for a new commentary teams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.