We reported last month that there was someone who tested positive for Cornonavirus within WWE. This news emerged just a few days after the company was given the go ahead by Florida state to continue with tapings as they were deemed an ‘essential business’. This caused concern and questioned whether the company had its employees’ best interest at heart.

We now have a little more information on the incident thanks to Bryan Alvarez. We still do not know who the identity of the person who contracted the disease.

Alvarez confirmed on Wrestling Observer Live that only one WWE employee or wrestler tested positive of Covid-19. He did however provide some new information that was not known about the situation.

“There was one WWE performer who contracted coronavirus. The impression I was given is that it had nothing to do with WWE whether WWE was taping or whatever. It was something that happened outside of WWE. This person has somewhere away from WWE when they got it. They never showed up to WWE television when they found out they got it. That’s like the one that we know of so this taping and going live, I’m not a fan of it, but I’m fair. Nothing has happened.”

As you can see from this, Alvarez states that the person who tested positive for the virus never showed up to WWE. The fact that they isolated themselves meant that they did not and could not pass the virus to another member of the roster.

As far as we are aware, there has still only been one positive COVID-19 test in WWE at this point. We will keep you updated on any further findings on this topic