A former member of the writing team for WWE has revealed that Kofi Kingston’s title reign was a non starter and was never planned to last.

Kofi’s tag team partner Big E has recently called the booking of Kingston as “disrespectful” after he was squashed in less than ten seconds by Brock Lesnar to lose his WWE title. Kofi was then moved back to the tag team scene with the rest of his new day partners.

Dave Schilling, the former WWE writer, reacted o Big E’s comments saying that no one within a management role at the company believed in Kingston from the beginning.

Schilling added to this by saying that the plan was for Lesnar to squash him to end the reign from the very beginning of the run.


Kofi Kingson won the WWE Championship in April 2019 at WrestleMania. He had a massive battle to get there, going through multiple hoops until the fans insisted that he got a shot. He successfully defended his strap against the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton before he was embarrassed by Lesnar at the SmackDown Fox debut.