A lot has been said in recent months about the new tv deals coming in to effect over the next few weeks.

With Smackdown moving to Friday nights on the Fox network and expected to garner a larger audience, Raw staying on Monday’s and with the addition of NXT live on Wednesday nights, a new draft to redraw the the lines and stop constant brand crossover seems likely.

With the different networks, they will be looking to have their own exclusive stars such as Roman Reigns on Smackdown or Becky Lynch on Raw.

With a reunion show booked for Smackdown on their Fox opener on the 4th of October, it has been speculated that the following week will be the WWE Draft spread across the shows.

This is thought to include the rosters of Raw, Smackdown and NXT, enabling them to shift people back to NXT to help with the inevitable war with AEW Whilst also being able to move stars such as the Undisputed Era up to let a larger audience see them.

Who would you like to see move to which roster?

Mostly Conor