Over the past few weeks WWE have come under fire for deciding to produce weekly shows live instead of pre-taped episodes. Now it seems the outrage behind this decision is not just coming from fans but also from inside the WWE camp. An alleged anonymous WWE employee submitted a public statement which said they are being ‘forced’ to work the ongoing live shows.

Here is the full comment read out today:


“My employer, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is forcing me to work the TV tapings for its weekly shows despite the (stay at) home orders for coronavirus. I am unable to speak out as I need this job and I know I will be fired if I approach the higher-ups. Despite territory precautions, we can not maintain social distancing and have to touch other people. I request the government to shut down these tapings and enforce the stay-at-home order so my colleagues and I may follow social distancing rules without fear or repercussion of losing our jobs.”



While the statement has been read out at today’s Orange County Board of County Commissioners meeting. It has been reported that no one is technically being forced to work the shows.

However, we can make assumptions, as well as the WWE stars can, that if talent refuse to go on live shows they will not be in a better light in the eyes of the management at WWE. If we look back to last week, there were more than 20 in ring performers who were released from their contract so of course current stars will not want to refuse to go on live even due the coronavirus pandemic.