WWE sometimes decide to break up a faction without thinking of repercussions or the future of the members of the group. This is exactly what happened to Aiden English and he clearly did not want that to happen.

Rusev day was one of those gimmicks that started organically. No one expected Aiden and Rusev’s act to become so popular. For some reason while they were still selling a ton of ‘Rusev Day’ tshirts WWE decided it was time to split them up.

During an interview with inside the ropes, English discussed WWE’s decision to split him up with Rusev. Despite English, Rusev and Lana pitching to change creatives mind about the split the decision was still made to disband the act.

“So it was starting to come from Creative, just about looking for ways to try and get away from [it]. One, Lana had come back into the picture; I mean, she’d come back on SmackDown or whatever it was. So they were trying to find ways to incorporate her. And so like, that’s such an obvious thing creatively. ‘Oh, introduce someone else and it causes friction.’ And so it’s funny, when she first came in I think everyone was like, ‘Alright, well here is where we’re going to start building to it.’ So I was kind of like, ‘Alright.’ I knew this would happen at some point, I mean we were all hoping it would last longer. But then it’s funny — so it was pretty much where I’m like, ‘Alright, two or three weeks time, goodbye,’ but then they kind of kept it and that Mixed Match Challenge stuff kind of happened and we kind of got to do things together. Even me and Lana got to do things together. And so I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll bite. Maybe the three of us can make the family bigger,’ so to speak, right?”

“So we did that, but then eventually, sometimes they just want to go in different directions so bad. We argued and kind of pitched our point, we wanted to really kind of keep it running as long as we could. But at the end of the day the powers that be are the powers that be, and they saw different things for Rusev and different things for me, so time to go in that direction. It is not the way I would have had us split, but sometimes you just – you make your fight, you make your argument, you make your pitch. But at the end of the day you do what you’re told.”

Since the split of this faction we seen a crazy storyline in which Bobby Lashley stole Lana from Rusev and eventually got married.

Alongside thirty other WWE superstars, Aiden English and Rusev were released from the company as part of a cost cutting exercise to save money during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lana is still with WWE at the moment and her future is unknown. Who knows, we might see English and Rusev back for another Rusev Day.