To make sure that WWE are able to keep a hold of Smackdown star it is reported that they will give him a massive push to make sure he is not tempted to sign with AEW

According to JEFF hardy is in line for a big push. He made his return to WWE last month after almost a year out due to personal reasons and a knee injury.

Fridays episode of Smackdown included a video package showing some of Hardy’s best moments within WWE. This is the first step of said push and there a couple of reasons for this.

One of the reasons behind this is that Vince McMahon is so impressed with Hardy’s efforts to get himself clean after being arrested for public intoxication. It seems his stint in rehab has done him well.

The main reason for the big push however, is that WWE don’t want him to leave and join his brother Matt in AEW. WWE think that if they treat him well and give him a big money deal that he will be enticed to stay where he is.

Matt Hardy recently signed for AEW when his contract was up. Jeff still has time in his due to the fact he needs to make up the time that he has missed. Will Jeff get another title shot? How long will it be before he is reunited with his brother? Only time will tell.