WWE are said to be in talks to bring a major PPV to the UK within the next year or two with the 30th anniversary of Summerslam 92 coming up in 2022 according to SunSport.

While the UK have got more Raw and Smackdown tapings over the years, there is a whole generation of fans who have never seen a big PPV hit UK shores.

There has been glorified house shows on PPV over the years from the Manchester Evening News Arena etc but not a fully fledged PPV.

The catalyst for talks appears to be the switch from Sky Sports to BT Sports in the UK. WWE ended their 25year plus partnership with Sky to head over to BT. So far, the PR and push from BT Sport for WWE has certainly impressed WWE execs who may now look to give the UK fans what they want.

UK fans have to deal with unsociable hours to watch WWE PPVs with them regularly kicking off at 12am and running through to 4am.

The time difference makes it difficult for their core American audience to watch but it would be similar to a Saudi show and with the network available, surely anyone who wants to watch live will make the effort.