There were rumours that Rey Mysterio would face Andrade in a Mask vs. Hair match at WrestleMania 35, however, that did not end up happening. Instead of this mouth-watering clash, Andrade was part of the throwaway pre-show battle royale while Rey Mysterio was squashed in just one minute by Samoa joe.

The Mask vs. Hair stipulation for the match between Rey and Andrade would have been far too easy to predict. Several people were of the belief that Rey would not lose his mask, telegraphing that he would be going over a bald Andrade on the big stage.


On WWE’s The Bump show, Rey said that he would consider putting his mask on the line in a retirement match. He also brings up the prospect of a Mask vs. Hair match, suggesting WWE may be considering the Mysterio vs. Andrade match for the future:

“If the opportunity came about, I would jump in a heartbeat [on putting his mask on the line again]. I think that’s what makes Lucha Libre exciting and in this case to bring Lucha Libre to the WWE, and show the WWE Universe the excitement behind the mask vs. hair match, or the mask vs. title match. You know you put your heart out there in those matches. I would actually love to jump in the ring one of these days before I retire and put my mask on the line against something that is well worth it.”

It has been rumoured that Mysterio does not want to wrestle for too much longer so maybe we will see the set up for this match soon. If Andrade does win then it would be awesome to see Rey’s son Dominik pick up his mask and put it on. Or for even more drama, Rey’s last match could be against his son with Dominik being told that he had to defeat his own father in order to win the mask.