With all the recent releases within WWE there has been an amount of talk as to which Wrestling Legends will sign new contracts with the company.

Ric Flair is one who has been widely discussed. There were reports going around yesterday that he had left the company. We are not denying that it may have been the case yesterday, however, things have changed today.

Flair took to Twitter today to announce that he had signed a new deal, proclaiming to be with WWE Then, Now and Forever.

As father of Charlotte Flair, current NXT Women’s Champion, he has often appeared on WWE programming as part of segments with his daughter. He was a prominent figure in her early heel run in 2015-16 but has also appeared as a baby-face in more heart-warming segments as well.

It is unclear how long this contract will last but WWE has been content to sign people to long contracts to keep them from appearing elsewhere.